Energy Star Certification

Why should you care about Energy Star certification?

The Energy Star certification, offered by the EPA and Department of Energy, is an excellent way to save money in the long term. By investing in energy-efficient products certified by this program today, individuals can cut their annual electricity costs up to a whopping 30%. Over time these savings add up; making it possible for people to experience significant reductions on what they spend for home energy consumption.

Energy Star-certified products are more than just a responsible choice for the environment - they’re also an economical and long-term investment. Not only do these advanced technologies help reduce air pollution, but their efficiency continues to push innovation forward in energy conservation measures that offer savings on utility bills over time.

Energy Star certification is the ideal way for informed consumers to make a positive impact on our environment. Companies that participate in this program have an incentive to develop products with improved energy efficiency, driving innovation towards greener solutions and reducing emissions without sacrificing convenience or comfort--all while leading individuals down the path of meaningful savings.

What is the energy star rating system?

One of the best ways to ensure energy-efficiency is through Energy Star. This helpful rating system provides valuable information, making it easier for shoppers to make smart decisions when shopping for energy products.

With the Energy Star rating system, consumers no longer have to guess if they're purchasing an energy-efficient product. Developed by two government organizations--the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)--Energy Star-labeled products are certified based on stringent standards to help save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing performance or quality for customers like you!

Energy Star Replacement Windows

Upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and save money on energy bills with Energy Star Windows! Backed by the esteemed U.S Environmental Protection Agency, these windows are created to surpass specific standards of airtightness and insulation that guarantee maximum temperature control in any situation. The added glazing materials, advanced sealing techniques, and increase in insulation reduce unwanted infiltration while keeping indoor temperatures consistent - making them a reliable choice for improving your level of comfort while also decreasing utility costs over time.

Reflective Coatings

Take your home to the next level with Energy Star windows. Utilizing reflective coatings, these energy-efficient windows help keep a house cooler in summer and warmer in winter - cutting down on heating and cooling bills! Plus, they are designed for maximum soundproofing; so you can bask peacefully indoors without outside noise polluting your serenity. With estimated savings of up to 15% according to the EPA, investing in Energy Star replacement windows could be just what you need for long term cost reductions.

Value for Your Home

Energy Star windows are an excellent solution for making your home more efficient, stylish and valuable. Not only will they reduce those pesky energy bills, but the wide variety of window styles and sizes available ensure you can find a perfect fit to enhance comfort levels in any room while also increasing potential resale value. So when it comes time to make that smart investment into improving your home's efficiency - look no further than Energy Star Windows!

Energy Star certification helps you make a smart buying decision. It can help you save money on bills and also helps the environment. Make sure to do your research so you can save energy and make the world a better place. Doing this together is important.

Step up your window game with top-of-the-line quality from Marvin Infinity Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows offers a unique blend of beauty, performance, and peace of mind that is unmatched on the market. Their revolutionary Ultrex fiberglass construction provides superior structure and strength, proven to last for decades. Homeowners never have to worry about bowing frames, rotting components, or damaged seals because these windows are designed for maximum durability and simplicity in maintenance. Experience the ultimate energy efficiency with Low-E glass and fiberglass frames for superior weathertight insulation. Enjoy a wide selection of custom shapes, interior finishes, divided lites, exterior colors, and hardware, ensuring endless possibilities for any style backed by a lifetime warranty. Discover why Infinity from Marvin Windows is the most trusted in high-performance replacement window applications.

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Infinity from Marvin Window Basics

Infinity from Marvin Window Basics


Are you looking to upgrade your windows, but feeling overwhelmed by big decisions and unfamiliar terminology? Your Infinity from Marvin professional is the perfect guide. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced window experts who can explain all the details clearly – including what makes bay vs bow windows different or why U-Factor matters – so that you’ll have peace of mind in selecting just the right product for your home.


The Basics: Windows 101

Casement Window

casement window is side-hinged window that swings out from the left or right with crank-out hardware.


Moisture that forms on a surface. This could be a result of a difference in temperature between the surface and the air, or high humidity in the home.

Daylight Opening (DLO)

The area of the window or door where light passes through; the width and the height of the visible glass.

Double Hung Window

Infinity double hung windows have two movable sash (top and bottom) which are hung in the window frame and slide/operate vertically.


The stationary portion of a window that surrounds either the glass (direct glaze) or the sash (operating or stationary). There are three components to the frame: the header across the top, the jambs down each side, and the sill across the bottom.


Window hardware includes locks, crank handles, and hinges on windows used to operate and secure them.

Low E Glass

Extremely thin coating of special low emissivity (low E) metallic material are applied to glass pane to boost energy efficiency and block out UV rays.


The resistance a material has to heat flow is the R-Value. Higher numbers indicate greater insulating capabilities.


The operating and/or stationary portion of the window that holds the glass and is separate from the frame.


The lower, horizontal piece of a window or exterior door frame that supports the frame.

Single Hung Window

single hung window looks like a double hung, but only the bottom sash moves up and down.


U-factor measures how well a window keeps heat inside your home. A higher number allows more heat to escape; a lower number allows less heat to escape. If you live in a colder climate, you’ll want to look for a low U-factor.


Ultrex Fiberglass is a proprietary fiberglass composite material made of resin and glass fibers with an integrated finish for durability. This superior material is used in Infinity products.


Making the right decisions when upgrading your windows can be daunting, but Infinity from Marvin is here to help. With Infinity window experts with years of experience and knowledge, you’ll gain clarity and peace of mind on every detail when selecting the perfect product for your home. From understanding what makes bay vs. bow windows different or why U-Factor matters, you can rely on us to find the optimum solution that suits your needs. We hope this guide on Infinity from Marvin Window Basics has been helpful – and we urge you to take advantage of the free consultation with one of the experienced window dealers to make the best decision for you and your home. Learn more about Infinity products today, trust in Infinity from Marvin’s expertise, and get ready to start collecting compliments on an upgrade made easy.


Learn about the various parts, terminology, and components that go into a new window. View replacement window products from Infinity from Marvin. Learn more.

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2023 Product Guide: Windows and Doors

The combination of trusted security and privacy makes bringing the outside world into your home more accessible than ever. Large-format windows, sliding doors, and entry door products offer homeowners ways of maximizing their view at an unbeatable price. Moreover, you can relax knowing that built-in innovative features promote added home safety! Plus, carefully crafted glass footprints allow soft light in, a perfect touch of ambiance. Make your vision a reality with the help of home industry experts today!

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James Hardie Siding — A Luxury Exterior Siding Option for Homeowners

James Hardie Siding—A Luxury Option for Homeowners

Are you a homeowner looking to upgrade your home's exterior? Have you heard of James Hardie siding? This siding is becoming increasingly popular among luxury homeowners due to its durability and aesthetic versatility. Keep reading to learn more about why homeowners invest in James Hardie siding.

Get ready for superior performance like never before! With James Hardie, you can build your dream home using only the highest-quality materials. Our fiber cement siding, trim backer board, and more come in various styles, so whether it's an old or new house, we have something that will perfectly suit its needs.

The Benefits of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding provides many advantages over traditional vinyl or wooden sidings. It is engineered with cement fibers that make it resistant to fire, moisture, pests, and extreme temperatures. James Hardie siding provides decades of reliable protection from harsh weather conditions, ensuring your home withstands the test of time. Their 30-year warranty is just one testament to their commitment to building superior quality and long-lasting products you can trust for years to come! As a result, James Hardie siding is a desirable choice for many luxury homeowners who want their homes to stand out from the rest.

In addition to its superior strength and customization options, James Hardie siding offers more color choices than traditional vinyl or wood sidings. With up to 25 available colors ranging from cool blues to warm earth tones, there's sure to be something that fits your home's look perfectly. These colors are fade-resistant too, so you won't have to worry about them fading over time due to exposure to the sun or other elements.

Installation Considerations for New Siding

While installing new siding on your home can be an exciting prospect, it requires careful consideration before beginning the process. You should always hire a professional for installation as they will know how best to install the new material without causing any damage or compromising its effectiveness in keeping your home safe from the elements. Additionally, if you plan on painting your new siding after installation, ensure you use a quality paint explicitly designed with fiber cement materials like James Hardie boards.

For homeowners looking for an upgrade that provides long-lasting protection while adding beauty and style to their homes, there is no better solution than James Hardie Siding. Its unique design makes it resistant to fire and extreme temperatures while allowing for easy customization with its various colors and shapes available today. So if you're ready for an upgrade that looks great now and will last years into the future, consider investing in James Hardie Siding!

9 Home Design Trends to Embrace in 2023


2023 is expected to bring some exciting home design trends that homeowners will embrace


•Home design trends for 2023 are focusing on bold colors and natural materials, such as stone, porcelain marble, cork and sustainable materials.
• Home automation is becoming increasingly popular for its convenience in controlling homes remotely.
• Creating cozy spaces with rich textures and layered details has become a key element of home design trends.
• Smart home upgrades like voice assistants offer great function to make living at home more manageable than ever before.

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Get Ready for the Annual Colorado Garden and Home Show

Since 1961. Discover the Rocky Mountain region’s oldest, largest and most prestigious garden and home show – a nine day spectacular event.


Get your green thumb ready for the 64th Colorado Garden & Home Show, returning to the Convention Center from February 4-12 2023! Orchestrated by the Colorado Foundation Garden attendees can explore a vibrant floral wonderland of over 500 companies across the country. Featuring inspiring educational seminars in addition to eye catching landscapes this show is sure to provide an oasis of motivation and advice for gardeners and home improvement enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss out on what will be quite literally, one great bloomin’ event!

We will be there featuring the best window on the market, Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows. Come visit us at at 

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Infinity EverWood: A Durable and On-Trend Window Option

Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, windows are essential. Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood is a popular window option that combines durability and style. EverWood offers natural looks and texture – it looks, feels, paints and stains like wood – but is completely low-maintenance.  It offers all the benefits of wood windows but with the convenience of no maintenance needed for years to come. Let’s look at why this product is so popular and what makes it an excellent choice for homeowners.



Design Choices with Infinity EverWood

Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood gives you many design choices, from traditional to modern styles. It also comes in natural wood tones from light to dark or custom stains, as well as white or black painted finishes. This means that you can easily customize your windows to match the design of your home’s interior and exterior, allowing you to create a cohesive look throughout your space.

Durability & Maintenance Free

Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood is made with durable materials and designed for long-term performance, even in harsh climates. The material won’t warp, rot, or corrode over time like other wood products can. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance-free—no painting or staining required! The material won’t yellow or fade over time either, so your windows will always look beautiful and crisp without any extra effort on your part.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood also helps reduce energy costs due to its superior insulation properties. It has solid, airtight seals around each window frame that help keep warm air inside during winter months and cool air inside during summer months. And since these windows are incredibly durable and require little maintenance, they also offer excellent value for money over time! This means you will save money on energy bills while also helping the environment by reducing energy consumption in your home.

Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood is an excellent choice for homeowners who want low-maintenance windows yet still provide superior performance in terms of insulation and durability. This product offers plenty of design options so you can customize it to fit the aesthetic of your home perfectly, plus it helps reduce energy costs! So if you’re looking for an outstanding window option that looks good and offers cost savings, Marvin Windows Infinity EverWood may be just what you need!

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Window Treatment Trends for 2023

Read about the latest window treatment for your home in 2023

Make a bold statement in your home with the front-running color trend for 2023! Dark window coverings, like navy blues, ruby reds and subtle stone greys will infuse elegance into any space while keeping things neutral enough to fit in. The quality of its window treatments heavily influences your home’s looks and feels. With the new year just starting, it’s time to update each room’s windows with modern trends that will bring out their unique style! Whether you prefer contemporary vibes or have an eye for traditional design – dreamy curtains are available for all tastes. Let’s get ready to welcome 2023 stylishly – here’s what we can count on when it comes to trending window treatments this year!

Not sure about the window treatment trends that might flourish this year to make your house look unique and chic?

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Chip and Joanna Gaines Launch ‘Timeless’ Siding Collection with James Hardie

Chip and Joanna Gaines are launching an exciting new home collection!

The Magnolia power couple teamed up with James Hardie, a home manufacturing company, to produce the perfect siding line for any homeowner’s next exterior makeover.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Joanna explains the reason why she loves partnering with James Hardie. “We drive by the homes we did 20 years ago down by Baylor University, and those were all Hardie-sided homes. This is truly a product that we’ve believed in for 20 years,” she says.

She adds that working with James Hardie was “a match made in heaven,” and that she and Chip felt “honored” to be collaborating with the company.

Chip tells PEOPLE, “We’ve always been really proud of the reality that we can put James Hardie siding on a project and know that 20 years later, we still feel a lot of pride in it instead of feeling like we have to shade our eyes because we’re embarrassed of how it looks years later.”

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