Why Should You Choose Infinity from Marvin Instead of Vinyl Windows?


Infinity from Marvin offers fiberglass windows with considerable benefits over wood or vinyl. The superior durability and tasteful aesthetics make them an excellent choice for many homeowners who are looking to replace their old, worn out windows!



Infinity from Marvin is the best choice when it comes to windows. Here's why: Infinity from Marvin is made with Ultrex fiberglass, a material that is 8 times stronger than vinyl and won't chip, fade, or crack. Infinity from Marvin also comes with a transferable warranty, so you can be confident that your investment is protected. And Infinity from Marvin windows are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. So when you choose Infinity from Marvin, you're supporting American jobs and businesses. Infinity from Marvin windows are the clear choice when it comes to quality and value.



infinity from marvin ultrex frames



•These windows are strong and designed to hold their shape.
• They expand and contract at the same rate as glass, which is 87% less than vinyl.
• Most vinyl windows can change shape in temperatures as low as 100-120° and can deform permanently at 140°, but Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows will not distort in temperatures up to 350°.
• This also means that the seals on these windows stay strong, and the windows do not lose their shape or energy efficiency over time.


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